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Self-Publisher Submission Guidelines

Effective June 2019 - Subject to Change

Ten Random Pages accepts a small percentage of submitted self-published non-fiction books for review. Please keep that in mind while reading the following.

Unlike paid review services (Kirkus, Indie Reader, Blue Ink Review and others) which can charge fees ranging from $150 to $700 for reviews of self-published works, Ten Random Pages never charges a review fee. Due to the volume of self-published submissions we receive, however, we do charge a $50 reading fee, as explained below:

• Our reading fee is non-refundable, no exceptions.

• This reading fee is NOT a book review fee. It is compensation for the time required to determine if your book meets our review criteria, and the time and cost to package and return your book if we decline the submission.

• If we select your book for review, the reading fee in no way guarantees a positive critique.

• If your book does not meet our review criteria, it will be returned to you via U.S. mail, at our convenience.

• If time allows, we will tell you why we rejected your submission. Please note, however, that detailed book critiques and editing are professional services that must be purchased separately. Contact us for details and rates.

If, after reading and agreeing to these terms, you wish to send your self-published non-fiction work for consideration, please contact us for details on where to send the book and reading fee.

Self-published works must meet the following critera to be considered for review:

• We accept only hard copies for consideration - no eBooks, no PDF files.

• Self-published books must exhibit professional writing, editing, copy editing, fact-checking and design.

• Self-published books must present a polished cover that does not look "self-published"; a cover that incorporates easy-to-read fonts, and artwork clearly tailored to the book's subject.

• Non-fiction submssions must be full-length - no pamphlets or extended-length articles.

• No works of a purely promotional nature will be considered.

• All other terms and submission guideslines also apply.

There is a place for well-written, self-published, non-fiction works on Ten Random Pages - but please submit only your very best examples.

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